John Antoski

Photograph by Chris Wellhausen.

With much effort, a morbidly obese, middle-age man bends down to tie his show on the sidewalk.

At the same time, viewing this perfectly commonplace character from afar, John Antoski is inspired. In his passing glance, a spatial dynamic is rendered; all three dimensions merge. A story begins inside his head; a story he aims to re-tell. As common as the untied shoe, Antoski bends down and picks up inspiration wherever it lies loose and dragging on the ground. Like any red-blooded art student, John pursued closet lesbians while he also pursued a degree at the Alberta College Of Art in Calgary. He tried to break all the rules in the school’s print shop and snaked into the woodshop to poach the power tools. His hybrid creations are an amalgam of his studies and experiments in multiple forms. Drawing, painting, and ceaselessly scoping for something fresh to digest, John leans toward the natural narratives of daily life. New materials and ideas equal new frontiers. With his bros and beers and bikes or all alone, John is currently absorbing the vacuous aesthetic of Southern California. While he somehow pulls these visual stories from the salty beach air, his markedly Canadian outlook can only multiply the layers of innuendo and irony. Oh yeah, John’s getting weird down here.

-Joel Muzzey